[Under Construction] Combat Mechanics

More in-depth information on game mechanics in Imperium Aeterna.
Over time, this will list changes vs. vanilla Endless Space: Disharmony.
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[Under Construction] Combat Mechanics

Postby Evil Tactician » December 21st, 2015, 7:35 pm

Imperium Aeterna makes a number of changes to combat and this topic aims to explain these changes in more detail.

<Under Construction - Being Reworked for 2.3.0>

Weapon Types
<Under Construction>

Combat Phases
<Under Construction>

Ship Hull Changes
<Under Construction>

Ship XP Changes
<Coming in 2.3.0>

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Re: [Under Construction] Combat Mechanics

Postby Ragshak » March 28th, 2016, 12:09 pm


Please add detailed information about weapons. I am new to Endless Space. In orginal this subject is already very confusing. Disharmony adds another layer of confusing with weapon's range.

Quick questions:
1) What are hit chances for Kinetic/Laser/Missles at Long/Medium/Melee phase?
2) Do Heavy/Normal/Light weapon variant gives buff or debuffs to hit chance at Long/Medium/Melee phase? So for example: Do Heavy Missles at Long range have (in general) the same hit chance like Normal/Light variants?

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Re: [Under Construction] Combat Mechanics

Postby robermi » July 25th, 2016, 2:01 pm

To the Evil Tactician...

I know that I am late coming to the party but just recently I decided to replay Endless Space, which is a darn good game as far as it goes, but after a week or so I was looking for more. I download Disharmony and I feel that I can sum it up in one word... Disaster! You mod is the only thing that makes playing this DLC worth while as far as I am concerned. The fact that the weapons abilities had been so constrained and that the AI would always retreat even at only 2 and 3 to one odds made the entire game worthless. They would pop in and pop out little the worse for wear and simply annoy me. Further the addition of the invasion fleet, while being realistic, becomes a huge drag on the game. Considering that all fleets cost dust having to have dedicated fleets which only achieve one purpose is simply a bad idea. I am very confused why heavy kinetics would not be considered the "artillery" necessary for an invasion however it is what it is, which is simply another piece of the puzzle.

Regardless, you change to the combat mechanics made things much more lively and playable. That said I would be much like to see the stats on accuracy changes at different ranges for different types of weapons. All that I've been able to gather from your posts is that Heavy Lasers & Kinetics hit harder (25%) at long range but are less effective at Melee range. With the offset that Light Lasers & Kinetics are hit less hard at long range and much harder at short range (33%). I would like to see what happens with normal weapons as you mention that these are pretty much even across the ranges... that said given how much you put into the game I would think that they would have a penalty at long & melee ranges.

Regardless, I really appreciate your efforts! You've made this game work and what would have been a nice romp in Endless Space has probably turned into a few solid months of figuring out the mechanics of the game! BTW... How do you get rid of Mad Scientists?



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